Our comedian Ben Roy will be performing tomorrow at 7:30 at Comedy Works South at The Landmark. For ticket info click here! Oh, and he’s a little write-up on Ben from the folks at Comedy Works:

Ben Roy is one of the up-and-coming comics that has Denver talking. Fast-paced, witty, and opinionated, he is poised to take the entertainment industry by storm with his unique blend of rant, sarcastic, observational, and high-energy humor. Ben was most recently featured at the Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival!  

Recently featured in the book Mock Stars: Indie Comedy and the Dangerously Funny, alongside comedy greats Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, and Fred Armisen, author John Wenzel described him as, ‘gloriously erratic, mixing Louis Black’s quivering indignation with Bill Hicks’ vitriol and David Cross’s unapologetic misanthropy.“  The Onion A.V. Club said "he’s like a skinny, punk-rock Sam Kinison.”