Band :
Title : Antiquasauria
Release Date : 2015
Catalog ref. : GTC013
Format : CD

There are 4 formats for Ian Cooke’s upcoming album, “Antiquasauria”. The album will be released Friday, August 7th, and pre-orders will receive an automatic download of two songs: Quetzalcoatlus and Epilogue, PLUS a download of the Antiquasauria font and coloring book! Formats include:

DVD / CD / Book / Origami $15
Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl Record and DVD / book $20
Limited Edition Print $35
Hand-Colored Limited Edition Print (bundle) (only 5 of these) $75

DVD / CD / Book / Origami $15

Origami CD jacket containing:
DVD including a 5.1 surround mix of Antiquasauria by Neil Wilkes (King Crimson, Yes, XTC, Jethro Tull) plus lyrics, instrumental mixes, and more.
CD and a 16-page coloring book with lyrics.
BONUS: download of the Ian Cooke-designed font “Antiquasauria” and a digital version of the coloring book and lyrics.

Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl Record and DVD / book $20

Recycled paper jacket. Black or translucent amber vinyl. 16-page coloring book. Band painting by Heather Reynolds. Artwork, font, design, and drawings by Ian Cooke. DVD includes the 5.1 surround sound mix and extras and is included inside the record jacket.

Includes high-quality download in MP3, WAV and more.

Limited Edition Print $35

One of 60 total prints, 50 of which will be available publicly, 10 of which are available here. Carved and printed by Emi Brady. Includes a download of the album.

Hand-Colored Limited Edition Print (bundle) $75

One of only five prints to be hand-colored by artist Emi Brady, out of 60 total prints. This bundle will also include the LP, DVD/CD, coloring book, and font download. Art is 20 x 13.

Vinyl pressed out of an edition of 500 copies (250 on black, 250 on amber colored vinyl). Prints out of an edition of 60 posters, 5 are hand-colored.